Check everything for your domain name

How to quickly trouble-shoot issue when e-mails are not being received from the Internet?

You get a call that e-mails are not coming in from the internet. What is the first thing you should do? This invaluable tool was designed by us to help IT Administrators quickly discover the cause of e-mails not arriving into your mail servers from the internet. Enter your domain name in the Mail Server Availability Check tool.

This test will send a test e-mail to your mail server and will provide line-by-line details of the process it goes though. Results will tell you immediately if there is an issue with the DNS zone for your domain, MX record not correctly listed or missing in the DNS zone, your firewall is blocking connection to your mail server for SMTP traffic, or your mail server SMTP service maybe down. This is an excellent tool for tracing the mail sending process to your mail server from the internet for troubleshooting SMTP issues.

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