What is a Real-time Black List?
A Real-time Black List Services is a database listing IP addresses known to be sending spam. Subscribers to such databases, such as ISPs and companies, can then use this list to block traffic from the blacklisted IP addresses. EmailTalk checks your domain name or IP address against well established and reliable RBL servers and reports back on its status; that is if your domain or IP is listed in any of these databases.

Why is it important for you to know whether your domain is listed in an RBL?
If your domain or IP address is listed in an RBL, it is likely that you will have difficulties sending and receiving emails from your company mail server. Many anti-spam servers check against RBL lists before accepting or even sending e-mails. EmailTalk can restore your interrupted e-mail flow by notifying you if your domain or IP address is blacklisted.

How did my IP or Domain ended up in an RBL if I am not a spammer?
You may be wondering how your domain or IP ended up in an RBL. If your company sends out mass e-mailings such as company newsletters, your mail server may not have a PTR, or a Pointer Record. A PTR is what allows someone to execute a reverse DNS lookup of an IP address. In the case of spammers, their PTR does not match up with their host or domain name. Another possible reason is that your mail server does not have an MX or Mail Exchanger Record. These issues can cause your mail server to be mistakenly classified as a spam source and automatically black listed in RBL server databases.

How does EmailTalk’s RBL Service Check Process work?
Our lookup takes your domain name or IP address and automatically runs it against major Real Time Black Lists and reports back instantly with results. We can tell you which, if any, RBL services your domain or IP address is black listed in.

How do I remove myself from a RBL database?
If our search indicates that your domain or IP address is blacklisted, you should contact the corresponding RBL database directly. All RBL websites have links allowing you to request that your domain name or IP address be removed from their archives. The removal process is straight forward provided you follow the instructions on their website. Remember to identify and fix the problem that caused your domain or IP address to be black listed in the first place to avoid the same occurrence in the future. You can also use our service again to confirm that the removal process did indeed work.

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